eHealth Center acts as a cynosure of multi-specialty services including Doctor Consultation, Diagnostic Reports, Emergency Care and Pharmacy. Its key goal is to provide primary healthcare in an affordable manner to all the citizens of India. It works on a basic principle that most of the minor health issues could be treated in primary healthcare, without people requiring to rush to hospitals – each and every-time. 

eHealth Center predominantly works with its sibling products eHealth ID & eHealth Pro to create a hub of data and mechanize the entire operations. The solutions offer ease of access and link the entire health ecosystem to promote transparency, better administration and qualitative treatment.

“Bringing the best of healthcare closer to the people who need it the most is our driving force”

– Shiva Naidu, Founder


At eHealth, doctor consultation is highly trustworthy and reliable. With best minds in the industry, eHealth offers best of the medical care while also avoiding the patients from consuming unnecessary medicines and under-going needless treatments.


eHealth Center is also equipped with an emergency ward with required staff
and facilities to cater emergency consultation that can save people’s lives.


eHealth diagnostics center is fully equipped with latest technology machines to ensure maximum accuracy.


eHealth pharmacy provides the highest quality drugs at reasonable rates. Its aim is to reduce duplicity and provide trusted services to people at all the times.



What are the benefits of being a eHealth Franchise

Patient Consultations

eHealth ID will promote the franchise and get sign ups for the eHealth ID card. The franchise can benefit by charging a consultation fee from the patient

Generic Medicines

As per PM Narendra Modi’s recent initiative to sell generic medicines than branded ones, eHealth ID will work with Pharmacies to create a partnership. Commisions can be gained from the sale of generic medicines.

Diagnostic Centres

eHealth ID will create diagnostic centre and pathology lab partnership. Patient referrals to these diagnostic centres will help the franchise to make referral revenue.

eHealth Sign Ups

If a non-eHealth ID holder comes to the healthcare centre for check-ups, the franchise can ask the patient to sign up for the card.

eHealth Clinics

They are our little centers of excellence with an ability to resolve primary healthcare issues within the community. The hub is the central node for Doctor Consultation, Diagnostic Services, Emergency Care services and Pharmacy.


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