• What is the advantage of taking franchise from eHealth?

    eHealth has come up with a unique feature of providing a fixed revenue during the agreement period, for more details please go through the ROI document.
  • What is the basic qualification required for becoming a franchise?

    If you want to buy a franchise you'll need to have two things.
    First, you'll need to have the money to get the operation up and running successfully. You can use a combination of your own funds, equity you raise from other people and/or borrowed money to meet this requirement.
    Second, you need to have the management experience and skills that the franchise requires in order to be successful. By buying a franchise, you are contributing your time and talents to building that franchise business. Before you attempt to by the franchise, you should make sure that your skillset matches up well with the requirements of the franchisees.
    You should have required space, capital needed to start up franchiser.
  • What are the documents required for franchise registration process?

    Following are the documents required for franchise registration.
    Land documents (Lease/rent/own)
    Firm registration documents (Partnership/properatership),
    Aadhar card, Pan Card.
  • What is the acceptable mode of payment?

    NEFT/DD/ CHEQUE are the acceptable mode of payments.
  • What are the units available in eHealth Franchise?

    Since eHealth is completely into service, our vision is to bring all the services under one roof. Which consists of 4 Doctor Consultations, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Center, Emergency and Admin Room.
  • Can I have only unit out of all 3?

    eHealth is a concept of bringing all the services to the people with a single administration. We cannot provide the provision of having only one unit for a single person.
  • What are the specialties that are offered in eHealth Clinic?

    eHealth ID is a free health card that allows every individual to store his/her medical records electronically at free cost, hence customer/patient loyalty increased on the organization and Franchisee would get Rs. 5/- per eHealth ID registration during initial campaign.
  • What is eHealth ID? How it will benefit Franchise sales?

    Is a free health card that allows every individual to store his/her medical records electronically at free cost, hence customer/patient loyalty increased on the organization and Franchisee would get Rs. 5/- per eHealth ID registration during initial campaign till kick start of clinic operations.
  • Explain about profit sharing model?

    Please go through the ROI document for the details of the profit sharing to the franchise.
  • At what frequency you will share the profits and on which dates?

    On a monthly basis the profits would be shared to the franchise, 1st 7 working days of the month
  • What is the min assurance eHealth Network’s will provide?

    eHealth gives the assurance for the franchise by providing the Fix amount of Rs.50,000/- towards Pharmacy Maintenance and Rs.50,000/- towards Diagnostic Center Maintenance, irrespective of business volume/profitability.
  • Who will bear the cost of medicines/Lab Consumables/Stationary etc?

    eHealth would provide all the requirements related to medicines and bear all the charges related to services.
  • Please explain me about the ROI?

    Please refer ROI document to get all the details .
  • What is the initial amount to be paid for subscribing to franchise?

    An initial amount of 30% from the franchise fee would be charged from the franchise to block the location and the rest can be paid post confirmation of the location. Entire franchise agreement would be handed over to the franchise after the complete payment. Franchise agreement is valid for what duration? 5 years.
  • What kind of location will be suitable for eHealth business?

    Since every franchise is bounded with some agreement time/ period, eHealth franchise agreement is valid till 5 years from the date of registration.
  • Who will identify the suitable location for franchised Center?

    eHealth clinics would become first choice for a patient to avail the benefits, to facilitate the patient’s clinics will be located in any commercial complex which can be easily recognized by the people.
  • What will be the amount of time given to open a new franchise after subscribing to it?

    eHealth will not play any role in terms of selecting the location for the franchise but still we can help franchise to connect with our channel partners to find the same.
  • What is the store opening process after agreement?

    eHealth will put its best efforts to complete the clinic set up in one month, however it would be on case to case basis based on the location.
  • Who will do the store setup – infrastructure?

    It has two faces,
    Model setup for clinic, will be given by the organization and Franchisee should build it at his own cost.
    Franchisee can pay the organization 15 lac which would be used for interior design and infrastructure.
  • How much time it takes to setup a store?

    Since store setup includes clinic setup, diagnostic center and pharmacy center. It takes max period of 1-2 months in order to complete the process.
  • What are provided in IT infrastructure and communication infrastructure?

    Computers and software required for the operations will be provide by eHealth and it would be updated based on the requirements every time.
  • Can franchisee get the infrastructure done on own?

    Yes, we agree for the franchise to build infrastructure by its own. Since eHealth has its huge network of vendors who can provide the better service according to the design, we suggest you to give us the opportunity for the same to build it better for the future use.
  • Will eHealth offer franchise to others in location near by the existing franchise?

    eHealth clinics will be available to provide its best service for 3-5 lakhs people, since clinic cannot reach the expectations related to service if the count of walk-ins increase.
  • What are the statutory requirements to run eHealth Franchise?

    Following are the basic requirements to get start with the franchise, own firm (Proprietary/Partnership/Pvt Ltd), building trade license from Municipal/Panchayat.
  • What is the help offered by eHealth to get the required permissions (Statutory)?

    eHealth helps to get the important permissions required for the initial setup. Clinic license, Diagnostic license and pharmacy license. Rest must be handled by the franchise to get the permissions related to franchise.
  • Does Owner have to be a Doctor/pharmacist/Phlebotomist?

    It is not mandate to be a doctor to hold a franchise, as mentioned above in (Question 2) those are the qualifications required to take a owner ship for the franchise.
  • Who will pay monthly tax returns, yearly tax returns and VAT?

    eHealth would pay the entire amount related to Tax returns and VAT for the franchise.
  • Shop agreement, license and VAT will be entitled on whose name?

    Since eHealth plays a major role in terms of services and branding, shop agreement on Franchisee name hypothecated to the organization, License and VAT will be on Organizations’ name
  • Can the franchise agreement ownership be transferred?

    Purely on management’s discretion
  • Under what circumstances, eHealth will terminate franchisee agreement?

    A failure to pay money to the franchisor on time or provide a financial report when specified in the franchise agreement, the franchisor will give the franchisee written notice of the breach, which will set out the period of time within which the franchisee has to remedy the breach.
    If the franchisee fully remedies the breach (for example, pays all monies that are outstanding or sends in the missing report) the franchisor will not have the right to terminate the agreement at that time.
    If the franchisee does not fully remedy the breach within the time specified in the written notice, the franchisor will have the right to terminate the agreement, which will be done by a further written notice to the franchisee confirming that the franchise agreement has been terminated.
  • Store lease agreement will be made between which parties?

    Store lease agreement would be made between landlord and franchisee.
  • Explain about franchise operations procedure?

    1. Appointment management: It is a doctor appointment management system. It manages patient profile, doctor’s profile, and appointments. It supports multiple offices.
    2. Payment Management:Easily view your customers past transactions, purchase history and payment modes with detailed payment histories. Nurture your client relationships with proper customer management and facilitate on-time order payments.
    3. Inventory Management:Medical Inventory Management module helps ambulatory clinics and practices to manage and control their stock inventory. Some practices stock up items such as OTC drugs, Supplements, Lab kits, etc., in their facility to be dispensed/sold to patients for their convenience
    4. Purchase Order Management and Invoice Management: A purchase order (PO) is the official confirmation of an order. It is a document sent from a purchaser to a vendor that authorizes a purchase. An invoice requests payment for a purchase. Invoices are sent from the vendor to the purchaser.
    5. Reports Management: Report Management software helps to generate reports online.So,that the patient can easily have access to it.
  • How do you decide the SKUs to be placed in a franchise pharmacy/Diagnostic center?

    A standard list of medicines will be available in the store.
  • 34. How to place indent to order stocks?

    Technical related activities would be maintained by organization and will take care of this operation regularly based on its standards.
  • Can products other than what supplied by eHealth be sold in the franchise?

    No other products other than eHealth should be sold in the franchise.
  • How many employees are required?

    As, we have 4 departments in the franchisor
    4 doctors: General physician(Fixed),Gynecology, pediatrician and other specialties depending on the demand for particular.
    However, the franchisee can even suggest the specialist required. It depends on the mutual understanding as well.
    2 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 2 lab techs, 1 Fin & Admin.
  • What is the training support provided by eHealth

  • What is audit process? How is it helpful to franchise business?

    Audit process would be held every month and it is a internal process of organization.
  • Who will pay staff salary and rents?

    Organization would be taking care of salaries of the employee in the clinic (only technical staff) and rents, electricity bill, house keeping; security in charge should be taken care by the franchisee.
  • Who will decide clinic timings? Can a shop be opened for 24hrs?

    Clinic timings would be taken care by the Organization No, the clinic isn’t open 24 hours. We only have day care services and In-Patient, Consultation.
  • What is the sales promotion support offered by eHealth?

    Marketing part would be done in every area the clinic is opened. There are multiple channels of advertising like TV, Newspaper, and Add Campaigns.
  • Can the discount be offered as per the discretion of franchise owner?

    No, however, it can be reviewed based on the business interest and commitments by franchisee
  • What are the offers given by eHealth through franchise to build customer loyalty?

    eHealthID, Discounted rates of medicines & Lab tests and our communication that expresses the intention of better and transparent healthcare services.
  • What is the pre and post-opening marketing support provided?

    eHealthID Campaigns in front of the proposed clinics and TV, Print and Social Media campaigns.
  • Will eHealth provide marketing boys to run campaigns?

    No, Franchisee should manage it as it is paid activity in front of the clinic.
  • Is door delivery/Door collection of medicines / samples possible?

    Yes, we even have that service available from day one.
  • Can we provide nursing services at customers home?

    Very limited and case to case basis (to maintain loyalty).
  • What will be the investment involved?

    The investment in franchise would be 25lac. Initially,10 lac would be the franchise fee which would be fixed and the other 15 lac would be for interior design and infrastructure development of the clinic(in space the franchisee provides) ,however this 15 lac would be variable it can be taken care of the franchise himself or can be taken care of organization after paying the particular amount.
  • What is the expected profit in this business?

    Franchisee would be receiving an amount of one lac every month after the clinic gets started despite of business happening.
    Franchisee would also be getting 30% form doctor consultation as well.
  • Will and howeHealth pay monthly profits to franchisee?

    Franchise would be receiving his monthly payment through NEFT.
  • What is the break-even sale and what is the break-even period?

    From the day one as eHealth offering minimum assurance income to sustain.
  • Why franchise is not offered at lower investment? Such higher investment will not be viable in districts and mandals?

    We are aimed at complete range of medical requirements at clinics level and this would require such big infrastructure for which it is costing a bit high and revenues are equally high.
  • What is the assurance provided by eHealth to the franchisee?

    Except the clinic maintenance administratively (Electricity, Water, Office infra maintenance, House Keeping, Security etc) remaining all (Resources, materials, Computers, Software, Licenses and Marketing) is taken care by the organization.
  • How to renew the franchise agreement?

    After successful completion of 5 years up on mutual discussions and agreement.
  • Will eHealth offer next renewal to the existing franchise?

    Yes, depending on the person own interest, it can be given to the existing franchisee.
  • What is the minimum time to close the franchise after subscription?

    updated Soon...
  • When can franchisee terminates franchise subscription incase the business turns unviable?

    Not applicable, since we are provided you an assured amount from the day one and there would the marketing campaigns happening in a wide way. So, there is not even a single case of business not turning up well.
  • Will eHealth refund 100% of investment upon cancellation of subscription?

    No, the amount wouldn’t be refundable
  • Will the store premises be given to franchise for individual use if the franchise is terminated?

    Updated soon....
  • Can I get local tie ups with doctors on my own?

    Yes, if the concerned person hasvalid experienced or degree.

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